About Us

The Toronto based brand, Hun Dus, has established itself in the fashion industry as a label that set’s its own rules with a unique twist on modern lifestyle dressing. Known for its celebration of the exuberant, the embellished, and the chic, Hun Dus has been rocking the fashion industry with its original designs since 2003.


The Hun Dus commitment to remain true to its one-of-a-kind vision has afforded the brand continued success in an industry known for its fickleness. It’s ability to change with the times while keeping designs pure has not gone unnoticed, as fashion forward thinkers around the world become fans of the brand.


The Hun Dus collection is a manifestation of the eclectic and diverse background of its designer. It aims to revitalize the art and perfection of dressing with a relaxed yet youthful attitude.


The Hun Dus marketing strategy continues to focus on the urban global markets, to help build on its strengths of providing quality clothing with a unique touch.


Exuberance + Modernity + One-Of-A-Kind Designs = HUN DUS